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Don't be stuck with a broken furnace or air sterilization unit! We proudly serve heating repair and are a convenient location for helping homeowners in Metro Detroit. When your heat is off, or your air becomes contaminated, we're on it!

By getting a new system, you also diminish the odds that you will need repairs in the immediate future, saving you money! The more efficient your system, the less money you'll spend! Templin Heating & Cooling offers a comprehensive approach to system installations, saving your family money and time dealing with repairs!

When you contact us with heating or air quality issues, we respond by:

  • Inspecting the Problem - When we arrive at your home, we get right to work by evaluating the issue. We look for any visible issues and use proven diagnostic equipment. We don't only look for damaged equipment, we also inspect and identify parts that could become obsolete and cause catastrophic problems. By taking preemptive measures, we lessen the likelihood that it will happen again.

  • Using Only the Best Parts & Tools - Templin Heating & Cooling depends on the most advanced diagnostic equipment and tools in the industry to produce a lasting heating repair service. This enhances our heating repair service quality and keeps systems running for the long-term!

Heating Repair Services in Plymouth, MI & Metro Detroit

If air quality is a concern, we offer duct cleaning, air filtration devices, humidification and viral air cleaning equipment for the whole house.

Cleaner ducts mean better air! The Total Source Removal cleaning process from Templin Heating & Cooling is perfect for any system. The system that provides the air you breathe is also host to bugs and pollutants that can harm your family. Our team uses video inspection to show you the inside of your vents -- both before and after we complete the job!

Plasma Technology Kills Mold, Bacteria, E-Coli & Viruses!

Mold can be a silent killer in your home. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60% of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems and allergies may be mold-related. Some IAQ diagnosticians and practitioners say that it may be as high as 80%, but deciding how to combat it can be tricky. After 10 years of fighting mold in our customers' homes, Templin Heating & Cooling has found the most successful ways to handle system mold. Our product, the GPS-2400, is a carbon fiber brush, needlepoint, bi-polar ionization generator. This technology has been used to maintain some of the nation's cleanest environments. Templin Heating & Cooling is now able to offer it in your home.

If the ductwork of your home is not correctly sized or designed, it will never operate as it should.

The reason many of homeowners are unable to breathe comfortably in their own is because they haven't had an air quality specialist evaluate their system. No job is too much for Templin Heating & Cooling, and we can even create an entirely new system, if necessary, in less than 24 hours.

DTE & Consumers Energy-Recommend Sealed & insulated Ductwork

You can save on your heating bill and increase the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner by 20%. Reducing air leakage and conductive losses from ducts can be a straightforward way to reduce energy use and improve comfort in your homes.

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